Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peace Girl

I spent Sunday and Monday fighting one killer migraine. I HATE migraines. I never had one until 1996 and when I had the first one I thought I was dying...and I've been having them regularly ever since that first one.

Have I said how much I hate migraines? Yea, well, I do.


So, I've gotten no creating done for the past couple of days. I start to get all kinds of antsy when I don't get to create some art...any kind of art, even just some random doodles or an art journal page or two. But when you're fighting a head-splitting migraine, creativity just ain't happenin'.

It did finally fade to a dull ache instead of a near-death experience around 11pm last night so I had to get up and add some layering to my latest Pretty Girl. She's coming along nicely, I think....

There is a little glare to the top of the photo but it's not like that in person...and her flowery dress is covered in brilliant glitter, too, and that doesn't show up.

Since I have always been about Peace & Love, she seemed like a logical first full piece to work on. Richie (the hubby) said, upon seeing her, "Baby, she looks like you!"...talk about sweet! That made my day.

The quote at the bottom says "There is no way to Peace. Peace is the way." How fitting, wouldn't you say?

I still have other layering to do but I think I have a good start on her. I love the Peace Dove on her shoulder...what a great symbol of these changing times and my wish for the future. Peace. What a grand wish of mine. Of many of us.

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one."

Yes, oh yes, Mr. Lennon...you are NOT the only one. I, too, dream of it.

Here's her little closer view of her face and the top part of the piece. She's not done but I do feel like I'm actually making progress.

What I am positive of is that I'm learning. I'm learning and creating. Those are the important things.

Just ask Peace Girl...she'll tell ya...it's all about the process...the Peace and the Love.

Until next time...Happy Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. It is me... I have joined the ranks and shall now be here because I am just tired of the drama at Bloop- well, when it is working anyway. I will still read and maybe post there from time to time- but I felt it time to graduate from there and move on to better things. Now I can keep up with YOU better too Missy!

  2. How lovely she looks. Learning and creating, those are my two passions as well.

  3. Wow Barb!! First, she's beautiful! Simply beautiful--so royal looking even. Second--I'm all about the Peace & Love too--I love that we sign out the same way! You rock! And third, I really love all the layering you do with your painting--and I mean methaphorically. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

    Peace & Love.


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