Friday, October 31, 2008

Soccer Moms and Angels

Crafty Blog of the Day: Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog
This has to be the most awesome blog I've ever come
across. AJ shows, through her AMAZING art,
that creativity does not come with a high cost of
supplies. She's unbelievable. You MUST go check her out
...and be sure to comment
and tell 'em Barb, the Craft Junkie sent ya!


I am really enamored with the fabulous blog I've highlighted today. Her art is really amazing...and she does it all in el cheapo ballpoint pens. Seriously! I am totally amazed and in awe. You will be, too, I promise. Check her out and let me know what you think...If you're not amazed, I will be shocked!

As for me and my creative spirit, I have found such a good place for myself lately. I am drawing and drawing all the time...I draw and color and shade and draw some more. It is the most unbelievable feeling that it gives me.

Here are my two latest Beautiful Girls:

I call this one "Uptight Soccer Mom" since that is totally what she makes me think of when I look at her.

I mean, her lips look a little persed, her hair is just right with not a hair out of place. She's got on the preppy 3/4 length sleeves, high arch to the brows...can't ya just see her in the mini van driving 4 screaming kids to soccer practice? LOL

Anyway, that's just what she makes ME think of...what does she make you think of?

Now remember, I have never drawn a thing in my life besides stick figures...but this class, this workshop with Suzi Blu is giving me such wonderful insight and knowledge and confidence in myself and my abilities. I can trust my eyes and I can create.

I know, I'm no Rembrandt or Monet but by golly, I do have talent. I CAN do this...I am doing it, every single day, I do it.

This is my "Angel on High" which will have wings when I finish her. I love her green/gold eyes and long flowing hair. She is just a little cross-eyed but hey, that's perfectly okay...she can see just fine.

I'm just learning hair and still working on shading (all the time, I shade constantly!) and I am beginning to see my mistakes and my triumphs.

I guess one thing I'm really learning is that ART is healing. I now understand what art therapy really is all about...and it does work. I get so lost in my art that I am not panicking nor having much anxiety these days. I am still tired much of the time but not nearly as much as before beginning this adventure.

And that's exactly what this is, an adventure...a learning, growing, healing adventure.

I've also began an art journal...pages and pages of miscellaneous art and journaling that I am doing each day when I wake up. It's very freeing and helps to clear the clutter from my mind and gives me much needed peace as I use art and words to put down how I'm feeling.

I'm loving the journey these days.

I hope each of you are, too.

Until next time...Happy Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. I love the angel. As an embroiderer, my first thought was "that would make a nice embroidery pattern" -- keep it in mind once she's done!!

    I'm a stick-figure draw-er myself, but in recent weeks have become interested in tweaking my drawing skills so I can draw and then embroider some simple designs of my own. Thank you for posting your progress; you have my wheels turning =)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog - I love yours, too, and will come back often to see what's up with another art junkie!

  3. Wow, you have lots of talent!!
    I like what you're drawing. I miss you, hope the fog is lifting.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm touched. :)

    I agree, Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog is *amazing*! I will never underestimate a ballpoint pen again.

    The top girl is reminds me of me when I get too serious. (I have that sweater!) Except that my hair (and eyebrows) will never be that perfect. :P ;D

  5. that sketch blog is amazing!
    so so great...
    thanks for the link...

    your girlies are so cute...
    what fun drawings:)


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