Monday, October 20, 2008

Life is a Lesson

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I am an artist. 

Wait, let me say that again, with more feeling this time...I AM AN ARTIST!  Yes, that was much better.  *smiles a happy smile*

I acknowledge that for quite some time I had lost my muse.  My creative spirit was shriveling up and drying out.  I could feel nothing but depression and gloom.  As much as I wanted to create beautiful, pretty many wonderfully fantasmagoric ideas as I had flittering through my head on a daily basis...I just couldn't find the energy to do anything with them.  Ideas in your head are just a tiny part of the creative's in the DOING that we create, ideas are intangible...we must have action involved in order to create.

I haven't been able, physically or mentally, to get into the action part of the creative process.  I've not been doing my part in the scheme of the creative process. 

Until now.

I found the wonderfully talented and oh so fun Suzi Blu and am currently taking one of her classes/workshops, Les Petite Dolls, and through it, I seem to be finding my creative spirit growing and blossoming again.  I have never been able to draw, it's just not been one of my creative outlets because I believed I couldn't do it.  Suzi is teaching me...wait, she's showing me quite differently...I CAN draw.  I am doing it....I am loving doing it, too.

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm just beginning the class/workshop but the things that Suzi says in her videos and her assignments are really getting to me, down deep.  Touching areas that have been trying to go dormant on me.  She's making me feel alive again, slowly but surely.

I've only began working on my first lesson (as you can see) but I'm enjoying it so much that, even with the flu (yes, I've got the dreaded flu...ick!), I ended up drawing faces and eyes and working on bodies/gesturing for over 4 hours last night.  No TV, just some beautiful music playing in my earphones and my pencil and journal in front of me.

Nothing has made me happier in a very long time.

I look forward to quiet time, with just me and my sketch journal, my pencils and erasers, my lessons and time.  Peaceful, quiet time to explore and draw and create.  Slowly but surely I will be creating pretty Les Petite Dolls of my own to share and beautify.

We should all find our happy place...that place that transcends time and space and just takes us to that realm of a Zen like state. 

I am slowly but surely finding mine.

Until next time...Happy Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Hi there! You must have just joined the class. :) Welcome! If you want to add me as a friend, I'm mizkatie there. We can give each other encouragement.

  2. oh honey, i'm soooo sooo happy you've found something to put the spark back into your life!! I know things have been rough, and this makes me so happy for you!!
    I hope it continues to lift the fog that you've been in. I've missed my friend!!

  3. I am so glad that you are stepping back into creativity! Your postings are beautiful already. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Renee :)

    P.S. I hope you feel better!


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