Friday, October 24, 2008

I CAN do it!

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I've been drawing and drawing and when I'm tired of drawing, I draw some more. LOL

I'm one of those people who has always said I was crafty but never artistic...I believed that only REAL artists were artistic. I've never painted anything of substance and the only people I've drawn since childhood were stick figures. I had convinced myself that was all I could draw...I just wasn't artistic.

Or so I thought.

I think, as we grow older we get these ideas in our heads, whether we put them there ourselves or we're told them by others, and we begin to believe them. "I can't draw" or "I can't paint"...or some other such nonsense. We believe these things because they're so set in our brains AND because we're afraid to let go and play. Some of us are even afraid of trying because we might fail.

All those describe me. Fear of failure, bad thoughts ingrained in my brain, and on and on.

This class I'm taking with Suzi blu is teaching me different. I CAN DO THIS! Not only can I do it but I AM doing it. Every day I practice my beautiful girl's eyes and mouths and begin working on shading. I have some that look good and some that look like crap...but that's okay, it's part of the process.

I keep trying. Over and over again, I keep trying.

This girl is my first full length girl. The assignment for the end of the week was to draw a full length girl after you had practiced the eyes and mouths and heads for a while....and this is the girl that I drew.

Me, the woman who can't draw, drew her. She is mine. A product of my hands and head and heart. Just a piece of paper (in my journal, of course), a mechanical pencil, an eraser, my hands and my imagination...that's all it took to create her.

To say I'm proud is an understatement.

Now, is she the most gorgeous girl you've ever seen? No, probably not....but she's mine and I'm so very proud of her.

I CAN draw....I really can. And before you know it I will be painting and watercoloring, too. Oh my at the things I can do...I just didn't know I could do them.

Until next time...Happy Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. I love your drawing - it's wonderful! Reminds me of Tim Burton's style in a very good way.

    I pick up pencils and try here and there, but I haven't kept the momentum going long enough - one of these days though.

  2. You are doing a FABULOUS job! I agree with you that sometimes our attitudes about our abilities are the only thing that hold us back.

    Another thing that I know FOR SURE is that practice makes perfect (and if not perfect then a heck of a lot better!)

    Keep drawing!

    Renee :)

  3. I've awarded you with the Butterfly Award! Thank you for being one of my favorite blogs. Grab your award button and pass along to your own favorites.

    Robyn's Online World

  4. Wow, when I saw these drawings I seriously thought you were showing us some famous artists' work. Then I read your article! They are so beautiful!!

  5. OMG! I never saw this! It's a little late but you are so sweet. Thank you!


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