Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back and Rested

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Hi y'all!  I'm back from the races (where we had a great time) and finally recuperated.  As wonderful as the races were, and they were, I was heartbroken...Marty the Party wasn't there.  He had a prior business engagement and couldn't make it to the Memphis race.


But all in all, we really did have a wonderful time.  We stayed at the Sheraton in Tunica, Mississippi (for free, thanks to comps) the first night and played blackjack for a few hours (breaking even, thankfully) and then were comped a fabulous meal at "The Steakhouse"...complete with a nice bottle of wine and some great Keylime pie for dessert.  I won't go into the jacuzzi tub with bubble bath that we shared.  *wink*

We spent some time in Memphis the next day and found that both of us really just wanted to rest instead of being on the go the entire time.  We napped and relaxed, ate a nice meal, came back to the motel and watched TV while I worked on some art journaling/ATCs (artist trading cards) and were asleep early because of the early wakeup for the race the next day.

Ah, the race.  Some fantastic drag races, good food, beautiful (but HOT) weather, and meeting drivers we hadn't met before.  I wore my Marty the Party shirt which got quite a few comments (it IS a one of a kind, dontcha know?) and had a wonderful time sharing a common passion with the hubby.  After the race, it was rest time again (we were worn out) and I got to finish some of the new artwork I have become addicted to, Zentangles.
I really am addicted to this artform and find myself doing them all the time these days.  Let me know what you think.

Happy Crafting!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Hey Kiddo! So glad you had a good time!

    These are great as far as designs go. I will admit, I am not into crafty things so much like this. I just don't "get" the trading card aspect of it, I guess. I don't have to. Obviously, there are a bunch of people who do "get" it. But, if you're having fun with it, then have fun with it.

    I'm more interested in the jacuzzi stuff =P

  2. I love them!
    I find that art form to be very soothing and relaxing. Kind of like those little zen gardens with the little rakes in the sand are supposed to be LOL

  3. Als9o, I wonder if anyone has ever tried to analyze zentangles, like you would handwriting? That would be fascinating to me. Mine always have lots of spirals.What does that mean???LOL

  4. love the art work and love how you added a bit of colour to the second one it is just the right amount to make it pop

  5. welcome back!! glad it was a good time! :)

    I really like the designs!

  6. I LOVE your Zentangles! I'm a recent addict of ATC's but I think yours are most fabulous!

    Renee :)

  7. I love doing these as well! This is lovely! Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. I absolutely love doing these too! Beautiful! hope to hear from you soon!


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