Monday, October 27, 2008

An Award and Creativity

I don't have as many readers here as I once did but that's okay...I write here because I enjoy it. I love sharing the things I create and writing about them...sharing the emotions behind why I create what I create. As many readers as I've lost, I do have faithful readers who've stuck with me and new readers who delight in the things I share here....

One of them is the wonderful Robyn at Robyn's Online World. In fact, she has honored me and my humble little spot here with an award. *Blushes* Her thoughtfulness and kind words make me feel so great. Thank you, Robin...I'm so glad you find creative inspiration here and I hope you'll keep coming back.

You never know what I might come up with around here...I am truly a mixed media artist...I love creating in many different medias and forms, from tshirts and wearables to painting, drawing, collages to paper crafts and sewing. I just love creating with bits and pieces of all kinds.

I just have to create; need to's in my blood, it's in my is what drives me.

I often thought that I couldn't be an artist because artists have set mediums that they excel in...some are painters, some are seamstresses, writers, sketch artists, jewelers...but I couldn't be an artist, I love to create with too many things to be any good at any of them.

BUT I know better now, that's just not true.

I am an artist, I just choose to create in many different ways. I see beauty in places that might not be so apparent to others. I see beautiful things and realize that I can create them in more frugal ways or in a different way to make them uniquely mine...I just HAVE to create!

My latest creations? Well, I'm quite into paints, drawing, collaging, ATCs, and paper at the my latest bit of creativity was yesterday (since my flu had given me a little respite)...I had cards due for an ATC swap and when I sat down and began with them, the creative juices just flowed!

These were created using Brown Paper Bag as the base background (that was the Swap theme)...I decided to go with cards based on words of importance to me....Wisdom, Dream, Friendship, Memories.

Ah yes, I likey! Hope you like them, too.

Until next time...Happy Creating!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Your cards are beautiful. I think any artist is hard on themselves. I went to an art exhibition and wanted to come home and throw all my clay in a fire! I just felt unworthy. But I'm like you and I have the CONSTANT need to create so I just do what I love and not worry about if anyone could do it better :)


  2. I love your designs, and you have such a wide variety of crafts! You amaze me.

    In fact, I have given you an award over at my blog:
    Come on over and get it! You deserve it. :)

  3. Hi, u are amazingly talented..and like you, I am interested in everything the self-doubts are always there..yet somethings keeps driving us to do our best and create things too... Thank GOD for that!!!


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