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Organization Ideas

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It's been a week since I've updated.

Oh my, how did that happen?

I suppose it's due to life getting in the way...or, rather, having a life, ya think?

Yea, me, too.

As for crafting, I really haven't done much in the past couple of weeks, other than a couple of special orders. In case I haven't told my regular readers here, I have some health problems that have been causing me some pretty rough distress over the past few months (more than they normally do) and they make it hard for me to do much when I'm "strickened" with a bout of them.

I have tried to be a little productive but it hasn't produced much. Other than the special orders I completed, I have another bracelet made but am waiting on an order to come in the mail on Tuesday so I have the toggle clasp (I was out) to I can finish it and get it out to the fabulous Jean9. You'll remember that she won my birthday contest last month...and, being the sick slacker that I am lately, it's taken me an entire month to get it finished. (Sorry Jean9...don't think I've forgotten you, it's coming, I promise!)

I may not have done any crafting but, since I have had so many of you that liked the magazine file I did last week, I thought I'd share some organization things I've come up with that might come in handy for y'all.

We have a large house (5 bedrooms and 3 baths) but there are 5 adults and the grandboy living here so space is still at a premium.

The master bath was one place I needed tons more space (the hubby and I have too many lotions, potions, war-paint, smell goods and stuff, I guess) and this is what I came up with to maximize over the door pocket shoe organizer. It hangs over the bathroom door and stores all our "stuff" neatly in the pockets (ours is clear instead of the canvas like this one) making everything very easily accessible.

It's like having an entire new set piece of cabinetry without doing anymore than *bam*, flopping it up over the door and filling it with our junk.

Pretty good idea, huh?

When it comes to my craft room, I never have enough storage for my beads and findings that I use to make jewelry. I found this exact spice rack at Wally World one day and picked it has made storing my jewelry supplies wonderful and very handy. (I saved the spices that came with it in tiny labeled zip-locks in the kitchen so they're not going to waste, either!)

Now I can see each jewel or finding through the clear glass jars and they sit on a Lazy-Susan so it spins around making it perfect for my needs.

Another thing I use to store my jewelry supplies is this nail and screw storage chest I found in the hardware section at, you guess it: Wal-Mart!

I use it to put more of my beading, charms, stringing/wiring supplies for easy access and still be able to see them. I have even gone so far as labeling the fronts of the drawers so I can tell instantly what I have in them.

Just a few ordinary household items I've found different uses than their intended that have made my life easier and a little more organized.

What kind of things have you re-purposed to make your life more organized and less cluttered? Drop a comment and share your ideas with us so we can all declutter and get organized!

Happy Crafting!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. First things first. Are you ok? Don't you get too wore down. Please take care of yourself. I have two ideas for something I did a couple of years ago. The first one is I took an embroidery hoop and some fine wire mesh such as what is used in a screen window. Put the screen in the hoop like you would material and then glue ribbon or what have you around the edge. I put all my earrings that hang on this and it is very cute. The second thing is also for earrings and it involves a plastic hanger. Drill some small holes around the edge of the hanger and now you have a place to keep all you stud earrings. These hang on the wall very nicely.

  2. Hiya! I use much the same techniques for organizing as you do. I also have some screw together stacker containers that work really well for my beads. I had not thought that you had forgotten about my bracelet! I know that you have been going through some health problems recently, and I also know that other things take priority at times, or sometimes a person "just does not feel like it". I do hope that you start to feel better soon!

  3. Hey babes! I love the over the door idea. I really need to do some decluttering and that is a fab idea that would easily work for me! I hope that you are feeling better- but it appears that you have even more in the house then I thought- who is the 5th adult? I know you and Richie and the girls, but the 5th threw me. Is all ok there?

    I love ya sweetie and hope all is well and that you are feeling better.


  4. my organization system consists of milk crates stacked on top off each other,precariously balanced and resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Not the type of organization practices your looking for,eh? :P

  5. I think we need some sort of system here in NZ for shoes. Everyone removes their shoes and leaves them randomly outside before entering someones house.

    I suppose with all the rain they need to protect carpets from muddy feet, it seems like a tradition in most homes here, just hope you are not wearing holey socks on the day.

    Some sort of rack or packing system would certainly reduce the shoe clutter at the front door though

  6. i love the idea of the over the door shoe organizer for the bath - i'm totally getting one for my girls - brushes, and headbands and girl stuff...oh my!!!

  7. I hope you are feeling better!

    Thanks for the great organization ideas!

    P.S. I am having a contest too! I hope you come back to enter!

  8. haha this had some great organizing tips!!!
    thanks so much for posting (:

    from the furniture fasteners guys


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