Monday, July 28, 2008

Goin' for a Two-fer!

I'm starting to get my crafting mojo back...thankfully!

I actually completed a few things over the weekend that I want to share. One I forgot to take pictures of because it was a last minute request from my daughter that needed a gift for a I got less than 2 hours notice.
(Aren't kids a joy..even the grown ones? HA!)

I managed to make a killer-bee cute onesie that said "Princess" on the front in pink lettering with a little star tipped wand that was scattering sparkles and had a pink bow tied on the handle. Then I put the baby's name on the little hiney area (Aniyah, prounounced: Uh-nI-uh...okay then) and Savannah says it was the hit of the shower. So I guess I pulled that one off pretty well, huh?

I will share the others with you this afternoon. I am actually extremely proud of some of the things that have come from this side of the funk.

Yea, I know what you're all thinking...two posts in one day?'s gonna happen.

This craftin' Momma has got the mojo rollin! YEA!!!

Oh, and if you are a Cricut user and are tired of buying all those freakin' expensive carts, check out my link over in my sidebar. I am loving my little toy but it was going to be expensive to do much with it....that was, until I found this program. Click my link (yep, I earn a little if you buy through me but a girl's gotta try to earn a living some way, right?) and check it out. It really is fantastic and I truly won't ever buy another Cricut fact, I'm going to sell the ones I already have since I no longer need them.

And last, before I rush out the door for lunch with the hubby, thank you all for the wonderful, warm, birthday wishes. Not a great one in the grand scheme of things but now that it's passed, I am starting to feel better.

Maybe it was just the birthday blues.

Whatever it was, I do hope it's gone for a very long while. Thanks for being loyal friends, readers, and fellow crafters.

Happy Crafting!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Awww! that onesie sounds ADORABLE!!
    I'm glad to see you being more *peppy*!! I hate it when you get into a funk and I can't make it better! I'm a fixer you know!

  2. Very PERFECT works Junkie :o)
    Thanks for your visit and comment.
    I love hearing from readers too.Have a nice day!


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