Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy Bee

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, contrary to what my absence for the past few days might lead you to believe.

It's just been such a very busy time around our little homestead. This has certainly been a week of changes for us...we sold our gas-guzzling, land-yacht Cadillac and bought a much more economical to run PT Cruiser (with 5 speed transmission which will keep my kiddos from asking to use it since neither can drive a stick shift lol), and we happily adopted not just one but TWO gorgeous, precious and lovable puppies.

This is my youngest daughter, Shelby, holding the boys, Juno on the left and Jasper on the right, while I filled out paperwork at the Humane Society. They are puppy-mill rescue full blood Maltese babies and are just over 12 weeks old.

Darlings of my life, I tell ya. I just love these little guys like you wouldn't believe...and they're so good, too! Already dang near housetrained already, choosing to use outside every time we go and only once have either had an accident in the house. YEA!

How can you not just adore those precious little furballs? lol

Just with those two happenings, I have spend the entire week doing paperwork, running here and there to finalize things, picking up puppies, going to the vet (45 miles away, no less), doing all my regular running for the hubby and the daughter and grandboy...then a dear friend of mine calls yesterday and is passing through on her way to Florida and wants to know if it will be okay if she and her 3 kiddos stop and spend the night.

Sure, c'mon by...we'll be here.

Whew, it's been a busy week.

But I'm still here and hoping to have the busy-ness behind me for a while so I can get back in my studio and begin crafting again. It's been a very productive time personally but totally unproductive creation-wise lately.

I just thought I'd check in and say hello to everyone and remind you once again about the contest. If you don't know about it, be sure to click the icon in the top of my left sidebar and read all about it.

I hope everyone is doing well. Jean9, thanks for being such a wonderful friend and checking in on me. I adore you more and more all the time.

Take care everyone and I will try to post something craft worthy this weekend!

Happy Crafting!!!

Peace & Love,

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  1. OMG -- Juno and Jasper are just the cutest bundles of joy -- how adorable!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog with ever encouraging words! i just know we could and should be crafting friends!

    as for those puppies...i'm in love! too, too cute.

    enjoy your fam and the busyness - there will be time tomorrow...right?

    lisa :)

  3. Adorable puppers!!

    We got two littermate pups, sisters, last fall. Anytime anyone mentions wanting a puppy, I now always recommend getting two from the same litter if possible -- it's just fascinating watching their interactions, especially if they're inside dogs. I'm amazed at the amount of time they spend playing chase and just generally being physically active -- no way could this mere human match that level of activity LOL.

    Enjoy the wee beasties (said lovingly! -- wouldn't trade our wee beasties for the world!).

  4. I am glad you surfaced! hehehe. OMG Juno and Jasper are so so cute! You will be a busy mama for a bit here. Have a super sunday.

  5. Those puppies are just too cute!!

  6. They are absolutely adorable! Love the color, they look like snowballs!

  7. Too cute! Very adorable puppies.

    Glad you could see your gas guzzler - we have an SUV gas guzzler and would love to be able to sell it for something more fuel efficient also.

  8. Those pups are adorable! Also, I have to respect anyone who adopts! YAY! :)

  9. Those pups are adorable!!! Those are the kind I would love to get but hubby likes "Big Dogs"! Congrats on getting rid of your gas guzzler. Now you'll have more money for your craft therapy :)

  10. Cute daughter and Juno and Jasper are cute too!

  11. Very cute and I've avoided the bad joke :)


    Oh I must have been on one of your other blogs!

    Dang, I'm fast :P

  12. What a pair of cuties they are. I have a Jasper too, he is a West Highland White Terrier.

  13. Cute puppies...personal productivity is a good thing...crafting will be there when you are ready!!!

  14. This is a neat blog with some great ideas.

  15. But you know what... this is what summer is all about! Having fun, enjoying friends and life, and love!!!

    Take advantage of the down time, and relax... LOVE the pups, and your new PT sounds like so much fun! I have never owned an automatic... always a manual and I love to drive them!!! Gosh, buzzing around in a little PT would be so much fun!! ha!

  16. Oh, such beautiful puppies! Makes me want to kiss them :O)

  17. Oh Maltese are just the greatest. We have two now ourselves and just adore them. They travel everywhere with us too. Hope you post some more pics soon as they grow up so fast *sniffle* Much love, xoxo-pm

  18. What cute little doggies! I want them...

  19. How adorable! God bless you for saving these 2 precious pups from a puppy mill and giving them a decent life at last. They will never forget that you saved them. And what cute names you've given them.

  20. Need some new photos of that precious sibling pair - I know you've taken a ton of pictures.


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