Monday, June 9, 2008

Life Gets in the Way

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Craft Chi is one of them. I've learned so much from her
and just enjoy looking through all that she does.
Drop in and see all the goodies she has to offer,
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I know I've been promising to finish up my tutorial on shrink art/jewelry...and I will, I promise.

It's just that, well, as it sometimes will, life has gotten in the way.

Between helping hubby with the store and grand opening (which went very well, thank you), to battling 4 (yes FOUR) migraines in 6 days, to having the grandboy underfoot and cranky with a cold all weekend, and just not feeling productive (yea, I'm a slacker), I just haven't gotten around to it.

But I will.

As I'm sure you notice, I have given the old blog a bit of a it? I am so loving orange right now so this really fits me, even if it is a bit "busy." I do still have to get all my links transfered over so if your link is left off, trust's just a time issue and nothing more. Like the tutorial, it will get done. lol

Anyway, I had a doctor's appointment this morning and my house was a mess (so is the yard, but we'll not talk about that right now) so I had to tend to the necessities in life first. Now that what is hopefully the last of the migraines for a while (*crosses fingers*) is dying down a bit, I think I want to just relax while the house is quiet and clean.

So, allow me to procrastinate one more day and in the morning, yes tomorrow, TUESDAY morning, I promise (barring unforeseen major catastrophes) I will finish my tutorial.

Be sure to check back in with me then. And thanks for your patience and understanding.


Peace & Love,

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  1. Whoa it's bright! But I like it, it works. Gosh you have been having a time of it. I don't know what migraines are like, I complain with just a little headache! Anyway I am glad that you are feeling better now I hope you have a crafty week.

  2. I hope your feeling better soon!

  3. The orange is great...very cheery!
    I've never had a migraine but my mother gets them regularly...they can be difficult to treat!

    You have a grandson??? You hardly look old enough!!

    It is alright to take time for yourself, we all need a break...then it is easier to get back into everything full swing!!


  4. Ugh! I've had three migraines in the past week. I completely empathize with your pain. Thankfully, Imitrex works pretty well for me, but it's so expensive!


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