Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am Amazed!

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I don't know if this really qualifies as crafty but, hey, I think it does so that's what counts, right? LOL If it can make my life easier and get chores out of the way faster, it has to be good!

So, today, I share: How to Fold a Tshirt in 2 seconds.

Hey, don't laugh. It's pretty cool and I was amazed. So much so that I've watched the thing about 5 times so far and am actually excited to do the laundry to try it out... so give it a chance before you click away thinking I've lost my mind.

OMG! Is that not awesome? I have MOUNDS of t-shirts we wear around the house not to mention the t-shirts I have on tap to do for my Etsy shop, all of which I dispise having to fold. Now it won't be such a chore and they will look fabulous! YEA!

Told ya it was cool!

In other news, I noticed this morning that I lost 5 of my subscribers to my blog feed. What's up with that? Have I become boring? *shrug* Maybe so but I sure hate that.

It was my intention to post about my contest today but I think I posted so late in the day yesterday that hardly anyone has read about it so I'm putting it off another day or two. I'd really like to get as many participants as possible so don't think I've forgotten about it, I'm just delaying it a little while.

Now, I hear some wonderful Swarovski crystals calling my name and just begging to be made into something beautiful so I should get busy.

I hope you're all having a wonderful crafty week.

Peace & Love,
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  1. Wow, before i watch the video i laugh (What!? you don't know how to fold t-shirt?) but i watch them anyway and i can't thank you enough because it makes me laugh more...i watch them 5 times then i can't help it i went to grab a t-shirt and tried it and it's amazing...i can fold so quick now :D cheers.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. I watched that video three times and I still don't get it! I see where to grab the shirt, but then the person in the video does that flipping thing and boom the shirt is folded! How do they do that?!?

  3. LOL...I must be the odd man out! err woman out! I can not get it to work...I could have folded a mountain of T's in the time I mucked about trying this method!!!I can figure most crafty things out but can't figure this one out ACK!

  4. SHUT UP! no way...can't be! i'm gonna try it :)

    thanks for sharing and let me know if you want a speed brite...they really are incredible!

    mooooo ahhhh

  5. Okay, I cannot do that. Come over and do mine. Please and thank you.

  6. I didn't watch the video yet . bug I swill, I fold tons of my husbands t shirts.

    I just want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am so pleased you enjoyed the feature about Mamma Flo. It was so nice getting acquainted with her.
    (I will come back and watch the video! ... promise!)

  7. Hey you Craft Junkie you! just saying happy friday on my way through. I hope you have a super weekend.

  8. I think part of the up & down subscriber thing is if people actually check their e-mail. ;-)


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