Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girl Interrupted

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I am a horrible blogger. Well, not really...I just have one of those lives that seems to be getting interrupted about a billion times a day lately.

I have wanted nothing more than uninterrupted time in my craft studio for the past 2 days...and I've gotten nothing more than one interruption after another, making it so that I've gotten nothing done! Well, I take that back, I have gotten one pair of earrings made for myself (not for the shop), all of my Etsy sales mailed, and only side panel of my rag quilt purse semi-finished...that's it!

How come when you're trying to work from home, and that's what I'm doing my best to turn my Etsy shop into, my at home business, everyone and their grandmother thinks that it's perfectly okay to intrude on you cause you don't have a job? That drives me nuts!!!

Maybe, just maybe, I will have some undisturbed time this evening and can actually make some progress on my purse. That is what I'd REALLY like to do! But, no matter when I do manage to get it finished, I'll be sure to post pictures. It's starting out really cute.

I've whined enough for now. lol The grandboy is hungry so I'm going to get him fed and try to get a little something done.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Life seems to get in the way of our craftiness doesn't it...:0)

    I work from home also...there never seems to be enough time in a day to do everything I have planned...I've started making a list every morning and crossing of what I manage to get done...lets me actually visualize what needs to be done vs what I've done...

    Enjoy what is left of the weekend!
    Cheers Heather

  2. Hiya Barb! Well at least you have a reason that you dont't get things done! LOL I don't, I don't get interruptions or distractions and I still get very little done. I am going through a dry spell. I got 2 rings done this whole weekend! Not good...Enjoy your sunday.

  3. I work from home as well and I can tell you that I have the same thing happening at my house as well.

    Go hide in your bedroom, that's what I do. lol

    Hope you had a productive weekend.

  4. Oh I understand completely! We homeschool, so somehow some people think that we do nothing all day. People want me to do this, that and the other because I "obviously" have time to do so. UGH...

    We do have a life, don't we? :-)

    I'll be back to check out your new creations!

    Shelly M.
    The Mom With Brownies

  5. I work at home as well, so I totally understand. I have to either get up very early in the morning or work very late at night to get work done in peace :)

  6. I have a day job and always look forward to those times when I can just focus on the pieces for my shop. So imagine my delight as I embarked on a week long holiday last week-it ends tonight.
    But did I get a chance to create? Noooo.
    Did I get much of anything accomplished?
    Was it my own fault? Definately.
    Oh well, sometimes it just doesn't seem to happen when you want it to-but my garden is coming along very nicely :o

  7. Sounds like you need a receptionist to ward off unwanted interruptions! Ah, if only home crafting were that lucrative, eh?

    Can't wait to see the progress on the bag. My poor lonley machines are suffering from severe neglect and lack of use. I think they are jealous of my knitting needles.


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