Friday, June 27, 2008

Contest Time!

Crafty Blog of the Day: Endless Possiblities
Kim is funny as all get out (that's the Southern in me coming out)
and she paints the cutest things that you will just eat up, I tell ya!
She's got a brood of darling kiddos and still finds time to paint,
refinish furniture, and blog. If you are looking to be entertained and
check out some great goodies, check out her blog
...and tell her Barb the Craft Junkie sent ya!


First things first, to answer the questions on my last blog post...yes, I did try (and succeed) at doing the 2 second fold of a t-shirt. It took me about 15 or 20 minutes (I'm a glutton for punishment) to get it down right but now, whew!!! I am a pro. Every tshirt in our house has been folded and our armoir looks like the shelves at any good store would look. I love it!

In other news....

I have been busy lately but more busy with the house and helping hubby with his business than busy with taking care of my own.

Today that must change! As soon as I finish posting this, I am heading into my studio and I'm not coming out until I've completed all the projects I have on tap for today!

There, I've committed myself to it so now I have to do it, right? lol

I was looking through the sales at my Etsy and realized that the bracelets I did the tutorial for have been a popular seller. I've got orders for more that are to be personalized (if the FedEx dude will ever deliver my long awaited for beads I ordered days ago!) and I decided that it would be a good giveaway in a contest.

So, the long awaited contest that I've been talking about.

Starting today and running through July 24th (my birthday, in case you were wondering and want to start your shopping early), I have decided to run a Happy Birthday to Me contest on Craft Therapy.

The winner, chosen at random, will receive a custom made bracelet (to give you an idea, I have pictured a recent custom order over there <--- or you can check out others in my Etsy shop) with the word or name of their choice in the font and color palette of their choice. No shipping, no cost, nada, gratis, zip, zilch...FREE. But...yep, there is always a but, isn't there.

To enter you have to:

1. Post comments on my blog (anonymous comments will not count and will be deleted) with one entry per comment beginning now through the end of the contest at 11:59pm CST July, 23, 2008.
2. Post about this contest on your blog and share the link back in your comment.
3. Subscribe to my blog feed.
All entries must be received by Tuesday 7/24/2008 12:00am CST to be eligible. The winner will be randomly chosen. Open to US and Canada residents only, sorry.

I love contests and I thought it only fair, since I've been entering some on my favorite blogs, to reciprocate by holding one of my own.

Now, time to get to work. Y'all have a wonderful Friday!!!

Take care & happy crafting!

Peace & Love,
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  1. Cool blog. The bracelets are great also. I posted about it on my blog also
    and I subscribed to your feed on my Google page (hope I did all that correctly at least).

    Oh and Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday hun!!!

    I hardly ever wear bracelets myself, but I just wanted to drop by and say hello...

  3. Oh wait! I take that back!!

    Your bday isn't until July!! *giggles*

    sorry hun... my eyes are blurred today... heheee...

  4. So this might be a dumb question, but what's the difference in subscribing to your "feed" on your blog vs. adding you to my google reader subscriptions? I have you in google reader!

  5. I would love to win one of these bracelets. It looks cool. I messed up on my other post, sorry. I am posting about your contest on my blog also. Thanks!

  6. That is a really cute bracelet. My birthday is also in July so Happy Birthday To Be to both of us. :0)

  7. Well happy month before your birthday madame! The bracelet is darling...tres, tres talented my dear!

  8. Cool bracelet!

  9. Hiya Barb..I haven't posted on your contest yet but I am working on it...I just wanted to say hello and I hope you have a nice sunday...

  10. I really like "The Girls" pendant.
    I subscribed to your google feed.


  11. Woohoo! I love a good contest. I signed up for your feed and just blogged about your contest on my site.

  12. My daughter would love this bracelet-very pretty!
    Elaine R

  13. Hi! Happy Birthday! I am having a contest too! Check out the Bloggiversary 100th post contest over at CoffeeCoffeeCoffee Thanks... I will sign up for your feed too! I love contests...Christina or TOCCO or Chris where ever....

  14. Lovely bracelet! I would love to own it.

  15. This is a great contest!! My birthday is in July too!


  16. I like your thinking. My Wife's birthday just happens to be the 25 th of July. I'll write a post about your blog, and have already subscribed to your feed in my Yahoo reader. When I do the post, I'll come back and leave you a link to check it out. Make sure you do those things for yourself that you wanted to do. Most of all have fun. I also be back to wish you a happy birthday.

  17. Lovely bracelet and happy birthday!

  18. What a cute bracelet. Happy Birthday.

  19. I love the bracelet! Thanks for the contest!

  20. I finally joined in in the fun!

  21. I love giving the girls in my life bracelets for gifts. They love ones that are made "just for them".

  22. I would love to win one of her gorgeous bracelets!! I blogged about your giveaway on my site;)

  23. I would love this bracelet. Who doesn't love contests!?

  24. Would love to win a pretty bracelet for my daughter!


  25. This is a very cute bracelet. Thanks for giving us all a chance to win it! Also.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!


  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY each one brings new beginnings. I hope you have many more.

    The bracelet is beautiful.

  28. Hope your birthday is wonderfully truly fabulous !!!

    BTW, love your blog background !!

  29. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great birthday!

  30. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come.I love the colors of the bracelet,you are to get the presents not give them away!! Count me in to win

  31. I would love to win this bracelet. It is absolutely gorgeous and totally my style. I hope you have a great birthday. This is a great giveaway and thanks for the opportunity to win.

  32. You have a very nice blog and
    polka dots are my favorite.
    This is a very nice bracelet.
    happy happy birthday and thanks
    for the giveaway


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