Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I actually got a little bit accomplished craft-wise this morning, even though I've been fighting migraines for the past two days.

Oh how I hate migraines! I get this aura that affects my vision, kind of a warning system if you will, then I slowly go completely blind for 10 minutes to as long as an hour. It used to be scary now I've gotten used to the temporary blindness thing after 12 years of dealing with them. The headache that comes with it isn't fun but oh well, we deal with what life gives us.

Lucky for me, I already had some resin pieces that I had made and cured but just hadn't finished into jewelry, giving me something fun to work on without having to deal with the odor that the resin puts off (which would have just exacerbated my already throbbing head.)

Like this one, Solitude. I love its simplicity. I already have it listed on my Etsy but it will be a hard one to let go.

I have a thing for trees. I always have. Especially lone trees, sitting atop a hill, whether full of green leaves or barren in the dead of winter, I just love trees. I tease my kids that I must have been a tree in a previous life. I find them so beautiful, in whatever state they might be in.

Well, I guess I should get back to it. I'd like to get a few t-shirts stenciled today but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. It all depends on how the head feels and if I can focus long enough to finish anything.


Peace & Love,


  1. I used to suffer from migraines, too, so I really feel for you. Mine kind of just went away as I got older, for which I am very grateful. I remember when the aura thing would start, I'd feel sick to my stomach just because I knew what was coming. I'm so sorry you have to deal with them. :(

  2. I love that piece. Very nice.

    I hope your migraine has subsided. I've had my share... I get headaches regularly and am always on the lookout for that aura sign (my is a black spot in one eye and I kind of haziness). Take care.

  3. Oh hunney, I hope you're feeling better soon, and I love the tree pendant! There is one near my moms that sits alone in a field, and i've been dying to take a picture of it, but I never seem to remember to take my camera! *sigh*
    Someday... ♥

  4. Oh wow, this is beautiful!!!!!! I hope your migraine is gone by now!!!! My blog is over here at http://spiceworld.us :)

  5. That's a beautiful piece. I hope your migraine is better. Been there done that and I know it's not fun.

  6. I so LUV this piece. It is gorgeous. I am heading over to Etsy :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon - Kat

  7. Wow this one is so beautiful. I love lone trees especially lone trees in the winter time! I am sorry that you suffer from migraines the way you do. I hope you get feeling back to your crafty self real soon.


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