Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City

O.M.G.!!! We just got home from Tupelo...we went to the first showing of SEX AND THE CITY!!!

I will NOT spoil it since I know many of you are as excited to see it as my girls and I were....I will say this: IT WAS GREAT! I would so see it again!

I do realize that you would have to be a SATC fan to understand why any of us would absolutely fall over ourselves getting to a theater to see it but for those of us that are fans, it was absolutely worth twice the money to have seen it (although we got $5.00 matinée prices, you know what I mean lol). it! And after y'all have seen it, we absolutely must talk about it but until then...*zip*, not another word about it from me.

Anyway, since I was gone all day, no work done today and the hubby and I are riding 4-wheelers in about 30 minutes so I won't be doing any this evening either but that's okay. I've had a great day with my daughters and I know I'll have a great evening with my honey, too.

I got so many goodies in the mail today and I can't wait to use some of them. YEA!!!

I just wanted to check in and say Hi...and a little na-na-na-na about having already seen SATC already. lol

Better go get the ice chest packed and change clothes. Y'all have a good Friday night.

(BTW, I've got all my pics taken and will write and post a tutorial on my shrink plastic bracelets in the be sure and check back.)

Peace & Love,


  1. 4 wheelers! sounds really fun, I wish you a great weekend.

  2. Oh my goodness my daughter is a junkie too.

    She and a good friend went out to lunch today and were headed to see it!!

    I am always on the computer....LOLZ!! So I usually wait for the DVD's.

    Hope you have a great week end:-)

  3. sex and the city to become a movie is worth to be listed as movies to watch.. the tv series are all good and funny.


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