Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lots of Goodness

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You can never find enough tutorials
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keeping them in one handy place. I love it!
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I have to get in the shower soon to take the hubby his lunch (it's the least I can do everyday since he works 12+ hours a day and I stay home and craft) so I don't want to get in the middle of a project only to have to stop mid-way through.

So I write.

I love getting mail. Email is good but real mail, the kind that comes in the mailbox outside the house, is just so life reaffirming for me. And the kind of mail that really makes me smile are these little padded envelopes that I get every so often these days.

Back a few weeks ago when RME (revolution money exchange) was giving away $25 to all new sign-ups, I signed up. Then I got as many people to sign up through my link (for my $10 bonuses) as I could beg into it which gave me a total of $110 in my RME account. Well, glory be, but I found numerous (and I mean a butt load) of Etsy shops that accept RME (and I do now, too, btw) so I bought a few supplies....okay, so I bought a BUNCH of supplies. Now they're trickling in, one every day or two...and those little envelopes just thrill me! (Don't you wish you'd have taken my advice and opened your RME account when I told ya to? You still can. Click over there <----- on the RME green button.)
Anyway, I checked the mail this morning when I took the grandboy to "school" (daycare to you and me) and found another little envelope of excitement waiting on me in there. I didn't check the mail yesterday because of the migraine (which is gone now, thank you). So, today's little envelope was from the sweet Rosemary at: and look at the great goodies I found there!


Yep, those are some beautiful aged sterling findings that I am going to make some killer beautiful earrings and a necklace out of this afternoon. I have the idea all worked out in my head and can't wait to make it come to life. (Is this what it's like to be creative? lol)

But, I have to admit, the real eye catchers in the goodie-bag were the fabulous Swarovski crystal two different sizes! Oh my, I am in crafting heaven when I gaze at these beauties! Talk about dazzling!

Now I just have to figure out what I want to bestow this kind of beauty upon. A bracelet (probably), earrings (maybe), or spread them out over a couple or three different projects? Yea, I think that's the ticket..spread the beauty around. lol

Seriously, thought, don't you love Swarovskis? Yum!

Let's see, what else?

I've been finding numerous wonderful crafty blogs lately and I am having a great time reading and seeing all the great things that others are creating. I love creating things and seeing things others create, too. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? lol

Well, because I realized that I'm just now finding so many of these awesome blogs, I should share them with you all. I'm steadily adding to my "Crafty Goodness" links but I like the idea of sharing a blog-a-day with y'all. Someone who I have found absolutely fascinating and feel that you MUST go and check out. I think I'll start it today...and I am going to make it the opening of each entry. *goes back up top to add today's Crafty Blog of the Day*


Now, to take the hubs his lunch. It's Mexican today, yum!

Peace & Love,


  1. Hey, Thank you so much for all of your sweet and funny comments! Did you order yourself a crackberry? Oh it is so addicting (in a totally good way!). Also, definitely try the tote bag. That was my first bag ever, and it was SO EASY. Let me know if you do!

  2. I got some nice "real" mail today. I ordered some beads from the Internet and it came in the mail today. So, yeah I love getting "real" mail too.

  3. OMG - I'm a craft junkie too! I always have to be making something - it keeps me sane! LOVE your blog.


  4. I love getting goodies in the mail! Looks like you got some amazing stuff too!


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