Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coveting the Dyson

I NEVER, repeat NEVER do the whole contest on the net thing. I have friends that love entering contests and trying to win things on the net but I know my luck (none) so I've never gotten into it. To be honest, I feel lucky if I win an Ebay auction and that's for crap I'm paying for, so you can see why I don't do the contest thing.

Until now.

Yep, one finally caught my attention.

It happened when I was working on my lightboxes yesterday. Did I mention that I ended up making two of for small pieces like jewelry and another for handbags and purses? Anyway, got off track for a moment there....

So, after getting the lightboxes built, photos made and posted on Etsy, I began scouring the net for ways to get my site traffic up here. Afterall, if we have a blog we're looking to reach a readership, right? And if I have enough readers, surely some will make it into my Etsy and I'll wind up with sales, too. A win-win situation. So that's how I signed up for Entrecards. It's free and I've found some cool sites through it plus it's given me traffic here. Most are just click throughs for the points but there have been a few people who have been nice enough to notice what I write about and to actually leave comments. (Thank you!!!)

It's through Entrecard that I found a cool contest....for a friggin' DYSON vacuum cleaner. OMG, what I wouldn't give for this badboy.

It's the Dyson DC25, the one with the rollerball. I've priced them and they're $500! Wowza! But I soooo want one. Bad. I mean, I don't usually covet home cleaning appliances but just look at how sleek that baby is...and if you've read anything about the Dyson technology, it could suck a bowling ball through a 50 ft garden hose...surely it can help tame this house. LOL (Sorry, I kill me sometimes. *grin*)

So yea, I had to get in on the possibility of winning this ultimate suction machine. *rubs hands together* Mine, mine, allllll mine!!! LOL

So, who's the crazy person sponsoring this fantabulous giveaway? Why, it's the wonderful (and oh so thoughtful) Kristin at An Ordinary Life. You must go visit her. Besides having a great contest going (hey, keep your sticky fingers off my Dyson!), she's got a great blog about life, motherhood and just everyday life. Things so many of us can relate to, right?

In crafty news, I've got sooooo many beads on order, the FexEx dude is going to be sick of coming to my house. YEA! I hope to actually get to do some crafty goodness tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. And for those of you in the US, have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi! Barb,

    Thank you for a great advice about my interest of learning sewing.

    If you know how to use Entrecard you will definitely get connected with people. I made a lot of friends, i got comments and exposures, although you get higher bounce rate it doesn't really matter you just have to keep on going and knowing of who the right blog to drop and you will get a lot of readers.

    Anyway, Goodluck to your contest and it's a great HUGE price. Keep that finger cross.

  2. I have a Dyson and absolutely adore it. I have 6 dogs, so naturally I chose "The Animal". LOL It does a fantastic job of picking up all that dog hair! I use it every day. The best of luck in winning yours! :)

  3. Good luck with the Dyson. I hope you win.

  4. I wish you luck with the Dyson! Thank you for stopping by and voting for me.

  5. Good luck! I hope entering this contest will change your luck... I like your blog - I popped over from Entrecard. :)

  6. I've got one of the older dyson balls and it's, it's, it's THE MOST WONDERFUL VACUUM I'VE EVER USED!!!

    Good Luck on winning!!

  7. Thanks for the visit and comment to my blog!

    We have one of those Dysons that our neighbor gave to us. Yes - GAVE to us! That thing sucks up dirt you had no clue was there. I thought my carpet was clean until I gave it a run with it. oooo boy!

  8. The Dyson is a really cool looking vacuum. Even if it worked ok, it looks amazing. When I go to Costco I always stare at them. Funny! I enjoyed reading your blog.

  9. Wow! A Dysan!! Good luck to you!!!

  10. Good luck with the contest! I hope you win!

  11. Hiya!

    I know what you mean but oh well! I have been getting some very nice crafty people visiting its all so worth it. Again I wish you luck with the dyson, I am not entering the contest because if I won it I might actually have to take time out from entrecard and crafting to use it! LOL
    Thank you so much for visiting. Have a super day.


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