Friday, May 23, 2008

Believe, Peace & Love

I actually got some good crafting time in today...finally! The grandboy was at daycare, my daughter left me in peace & quiet all day. Talk about heavenly!

Well, first things first, I had to work on making a lightbox. My pictures of my items on Etsy have looked like crap, I know this fact...but I've been working on it. I found some online instructions on how to build a lightbox for nothing, just using a cardboard box, some tissue paper and a clamp on light. Viola`...a lightbox was born. YEA!

So, after I had the lightbox taken care of, I finally got to try out a new idea I had come up with and they turned out pretty well, I think.We all need a little peace in our lives so this is very appropriate for me to make first off. For years I have signed everything I write with "Peace" or "Peace & Love"'s basically my signature thought.

Everyone loves "Love", don't they? Gotta have some love. *smile*

And this was a thought I had when I was about to call myself finished up. I have seen signs and wall hangings with "Believe" on the all over the place lately so I decided that I should do a bracelet with the sentiment on it, too. I think it turned out best of all.

I have tons of other ideas but these are the ones that came into fruition today. I love productive days. I hope y'all are having productive days, too.

Have a great weekend!!!

Peace & Love,


  1. I don't know how time consuming it would be for you, but I LOVED the tutorial on the freezer wrap stencil thingys and think you'd be awesome at doing tutorials for some of your other projects too! (Like these, perhaps!) :)

  2. Your bracelets are wonderful! I am not familiar with shrink plastic not sure if its new or if I am out of touch!!:-) since beading! I really like coming to visit you here, a big thank you for adding me to your crafty links. I am working on adding my favorite craft blogs as well. BTW I just love your Eternal Love pendant that you have on Etsy. You are such a talent. I only wish that I were being productive lately, I have not made anything all week, since I joined Entrecard I am so busy discovering...! I wish you a great weekend.

  3. You do such beautiful work! I will definitely be back to visit.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog with your comment.

  4. Hello Dear Blogger& Mommy!
    Thinking Everyone loves "Peace and Love".Have Nice Days,

  5. Nice work, if you ever need to find some beads, try they have really great prices!

  6. You should check out I think they might have some supplies for you at good prices. Nice job!

  7. I wanted to thank you for this fantastic Tutorial. I had been thinking over how to use my shrinky dinks in a multitude of ways and this just sealed it for me. I plan on making many of these and donating them for an upcoming charity raffle regarding animals, specifically dogs. I wanted to let you know that you have inspired something that will even help the little tail waggers (or nub waggers) out. :)


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